DataCurl LLC

DataCurl LLC is a software practice with expertise in the development, service and support of advanced enterprise applications and products. We consult in three main practice areas:

  • Application Architecture, Development and Support
  • Project Rescue
  • Scalability and Performance Analysis

Datacurl LLC has experience with companies of all size. From Fortune 500 organizations to large municipalities to start-ups, we can navigate the politics and complete your initiatives.

Some of our recent work includes helping a large organization get a critical application to support significantly increased project load. Part of this work involved working with the business units to understand the priorities and the other part involved working with the technical teams to understand the limitations and find strategic ways to bring the project back on track. We can parachute in the middle of a project and hit the ground running.

We also provide architectural recommendations to technical teams in the beginning of the application life-cycle for scalability, workload and capital expenditure cost-effectiveness.

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