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Recruitmax Applicant Tracking System Support and Optimization

An applicant tracking system plays a key role in the recruiting process. This software makes it possible to easily search through applicants by specific fields, keep records up to date and ensure that it's simple for your hiring team to communicate with each other. Since it's an older piece of software, if your recruiting firm uses Recruitmax, you may have questions about whether or not it's still the best choice.

Is Recruitmax the Best Applicant Tracking System?

One of the most common questions we receive is whether or not Recruitmax is the best applicant tracking system. If you have made an investment in Recruitmax by integrating it into your business, you can rest assured that it's your best option for an applicant tracking system. This is true even if there's an area where you feel it's lacking. The reason that doesn't need to be a problem is we can enhance this software to meet your additional applicant tacking system needs.

For example, a crucial part of this type of system is to be able to compile data in reports. Not only can we make it possible for you to put together data in any manner that you want, but the reports can also be compiled in several different formats that are easy to print. The formats include MS Word, PDF and MS Excel.

Learn How to Get More from Recruitmax

Because Recruitmax is a powerful piece of software, many companies are interested in finding out how they can make better use of its features. Since Recruitmax makes it possible to scan in information, companies can save even more time by learning how to properly utilize batch scanning.

Another area that can make this software even more useful is optimizing the extraction process. By ensuring that you're getting the exact data you need into your Recruitmax database, you will discover that you never have to worry about being unable to find or retrieve specific pieces of information as soon as you need them. If you've ever had to deal with manually managing high volumes of files, you're aware of the impact that an optimized automatic process can have on productivity.

Recruitmax can also be used to track everything from phone calls to meetings. What's really useful is if this software is part of a multi-user system, all of the activities that are tracked can easily be shared among users.

Contact Us for a Free Recruitmax Consultation

Whether you currently have a problem with Recruitmax or you want to increase productivity by expanding the capabilities of this software, we provide the support and expertise you need to get the most out of your applicant tracking system. Not only do we have extensive experience working with businesses and their Recruitmax installations, but our principal partner was actually part of the team that built this piece of software.

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