We consult in three main practice areas:

  • Application architecture, development and support
  • Project rescue
  • Scalability and performance analysis

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Application Architecture, Development and Support

One of our areas of expertise is architecting or rearchitecting high value applications. By providing guidence and structure, we help business move important business applications into industry standard formats. We also help business gain more throughput and service more users without impacting hardware and infrastructure costs. We can also provide a support team for your critical existing applications.

Our partners and associates are recognized as leaders in industry in Software, Server Tuning, Application Development and Architecture and other fields of speciality. We can train development teams in rapid application development techniques and in software development. Our mentoring services help grow developer skills by assisting on real world projects.

Project Rescue

Our project rescue practice helps realign software development projects with the needs and timelines of the sponsoring business unit. We are very good at understanding both business requirements and technical issues. We then work with the technical and business staff to get the project back on track.

At your request, we can also provide analysis of development team personnel quality, development processes and provided resource realignment analysis as part of the engagement.

Scalability and Performance Analysis

We've helped numerous business improve application throughput and reduce infrastructure costs. We can handle application analysis, acceleration services, tuning, rearchitecture and infrastructure design/review. We focus on getting the right throughput from the application before recommending increases in hardware or infrastructure. Many times, an application can be improved to not require capital expenditures in hardware and infrastructure.

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